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Seventh Edition December 2022 – Volume 7

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1. Digital Folklore Of Cyborgs
Parijat Pandya
2. Migrating From the City to The Outskirts In Search Of Knowledge: Folklore Studies In India, A Discussion
Raina Bhowal
3. Integrating Roots with Modern Sensibilities: A Study Of African Folkloristic Culture under Colonial Influence
Mansi Plaha & Kashish Jain
4. Life and Livelihood in the Cradle of Nature: A Study of Selected Folksongs by Women of Garhwal, Uttarakhand
Shivani Bhatt
5. Select Folkloric Works of Oodgeroo Noonuccal: A Study of Holistic Approach to Life
Chandra Ghosh
6. Reclaiming The Ramayana: The Sita that nobody reads
Swati Singh
7. Latif Shah's and Mtv Coke Studio's 'Milon Hobe Koto Dine': A Worldview of Hijacking the Folk
Debangana Das
8. Folkloric World: Mythical Concerns in Angela Carter's Fiction
Nishi Singh
9. Understanding Migration and Condition of Women through the Folk Songs Of Garhwal
Mamta Sharma
10. Cross-Dressed Heroines of Bengali Folktales: The Transvestite as The Transgressor?
Madhumita Mondal
11. Folklores in Buddhist Folktales and Interdisciplinary Approaches: An Analysis of Documentation of Faith
Tenzin Nyima Bhutia
Poem :
12. Cling On!!
Silpa T H
Short Story :
13. A Beautiful Illusion (A Short Story)