The Ad Litteram Journal

ISSN 2456 6624
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Ad Litteram

An English Journal of International Literati
(A Double Blind Peer-Reviewed Open Access Refereed Annual e-Journal)

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Be a Reviewer for The ALJ

The Ad Litteram Journal, officially named as Ad Litteram: An English Journal of International Literati ISSN 2456 6624, is a double blind peer reviewed open access refereed annual e-journal. Its purpose is to bring the quality work from the field of the academics on the theme of the annum. It’s self-financed. The annual expenditure is borne by the editorial team itself. There is no other resource to manage the financial burden of the journal. It goes from the pocket of its team members.

The Ad Litteram Journal invites the benevolent scholars from all over the globe to be a part of its Reviewer’s Board. It is a responsibility which one takes care of without any financial assistance from the journal. To be its part, one has to just email one’s updated CV to [email protected] and wait for a month. The CV is discussed with the members and the reply is made after the said tenure.

The Ad Litteram Journal has started displaying the literary contributions of all its members – Advisors, Reviewers, and Editors – on the Home page of its website, and ask the entire academic fraternity to recommend them to their libraries. They may also book for themselves the personal copies.