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Ad Litteram

An English Journal of International Literati
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Fourth Edition December 2019 – Volume 4

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1. Cognition of Religious and Cultural Values in Barbara Stoller Miller’s translation of Abhijnanshakuntalam
Mr. Ravi Prakash Chaubey
2. Credence of The East-West Spiritual Promulgation in the Lyrics of Emily Dickinson and Sarojini Naidu
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Srivastava
3. Elaine Showalter: Models and Dimensions of Gynocentric Feminist Criticism
Dr. Munir
4. A Marxist Approach to Asif Currimbhoy’s Play Inquilab
Dr. Santosh Kumar
5. Modern Maladies - The Folk Remedies
Ms. Santosh Kanwar Shekhawat
6. The Breaking of a Wall as a Symbol of Discord Leading to Concord
Dr. Panchali Mukherjee
7. Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Source of Eternal Peace
Dr. Divya Gupta
8. Lord of the Flies is a Quest for Harmony
Dr. Vivekanand Rao
Poetry :
9. Threads of Equipoise
Ms. Purbasa Banerjee
Review :
10. A Review of Anubhav Sharma’s Aastik – Story of a Juvenile Mind and Divinity of Destiny
Dr. Nalini Gandhi Kapoor