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An English Journal of International Literati
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Third Edition December 2018 – Volume 3

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1. Orality, Oral Traditions, and Kabir
Ananya nanda
2. Tejimola, Cinderella and Katniss: The Contrastin the Subaltern Change of Status
Deepshikha Mahanta Bortamuly
3. Disentangling Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry
Dishpreet Kaur Saluja
4. Representation Of Indigenous Folk In The Era Of ‘Post-Truth’ Politics: With Reference To Native Communities And Caste-Dynamics In Haryana
Divyajyoti Singh & Phool Kumar Malik
5. A look into the abyss in the light of “In Search” – Discovering the mystery of Life
Fathima Raj Kilimas
6. A Witchcraft and the Gothic: An Exploration of the Supernatural in Mrs. Gaskell's Short Stories
Jyoti Kulshreshtha
7. Intertextuality and Hindi Cinema: Tracing the Corpus of Celluloid Dalit Narratives
Kamaldeep Kaur & Simran Preet Kaur
8. Fourth world and Its Reflection in Mahasweta Devi’s Folkloric Fiction The Book of the Hunter
Kumari Priti
9. Folklore, Historiography, and the Representation of Margins: Reflections on Laxman Gaikwad’s The Branded
Parmod Kumar
10. The Loss of the Aesthetic Properties in the Movie Adaptation of R. K. Narayan’s The Guide (1968)
Ravi Prakash Dubey & Pinak Sankar Bhattacharya
11. Feminist Ideology in Margaret Atwood’s Novel of Surfacing
S. Malathi
12. The Oral Tradition of Gatka
13. Phad : The Visual Oral Narrative of Rajasthan
Santosh Kanwar Shekhawat
14. Contemporary Modern Fiction into Film Adaptation
Shaik Fareeda
15. Punjabi Folklore “Ballad”
Sheeba Zafar
16. From Oral Tradition to Electronic Literature
Vineet Kaul
Poetry :
17. Millions –Year ‘ Ice Age’ still hangs on
KumKum Ray
18. She will break
Priyanka Kumari
19. Popular Fiction into Remakes
Purbasa Banerjee
20. Beyond Hope & Despair
Rachit Kumar
Translation :
21. Narendra Mohan’s Dear Bahina…
 (Translated from Hindi)
Ved Mitra Shukla
Review :
22. A Review Of Praxy Fernandes’s Storm Over Seringapatam: The Incredible Story Of Hyder Ali And Tippu Sultan
Tripti Tyagi
Plays :
23. The Portrait of Rustic Lives: The Book of Classical One Act Plays
Venkata Reddy Macha
24. The Wild Wail:Anthropomorphic Play
Venkata Reddy Macha