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Sixth Edition December 2021 – Volume 6

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1. The Concept of Dharma as Expounded in Hindu Mythology
Adrita Bhattacharjee
2. Revisiting the Ramayana: An Analysis of Kavita Kane’s Lanka’s Princess
Dipak Kr. Mandal

(This article has been RETRACTED on a plagiarism complaint against it.)
3. Extrapolation of ‘Real India’ in Forster’s A Passage to India
Dr. Ganga Nand Singh
 Amisha Kumari

Dear all,
Date: 27.05.2022

You are reported the following:

The Ad Litteram Journal was reported on 10.05.2022 about the complaint of plagiarism in an article published in our journal in the 6th edition, December 2021, stating that the article titled 'Revisiting the Ramayana: An Analysis of Kavita Kane's Lanka Princess' is fully copied by Mr. Deepak Kumar Mandal. Keeping in view the seriousness of the matter, the Editorial Board discussed the issue and resolved it with the following appropriate action:

"His article titled 'Revisiting the Ramayana: An Analysis of Kavita Kane's Lanka Princess' which was published in the 6th edition, December 2021 of The Ad Litteram Journal stands RETRACTED."

This article cannot be used by Mr. Deepak Kumar Mandal in Higher Education or anywhere else in order to seek points or other benefits for the appointment, research work or promotion etc. With this email, we also inform his institution, NIT Patna, (from where he did his MA and is currently engaged in taking admission in research) about the literary theft he has committed. The complainant and the institution may take any action against the guilty at their liberty and about which they may apprise us also.

The Ad Litteram Team