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The journal is a platform where the possibility of bringing the intrinsic reverberations extracting its throbs from the milieu all around to the extent of maximum potency is uncompromisingly materialized. The journal gives an open firmament to the ideational maxims feasible to uplift the literary sensibility and anthropological acumen of the world we inhabit and endeavor at cementing the unflinching edifice for it. The journal, thus, publishes critically examined and scholarly wrought out writings, interviews, book reviews on literatures emerged or emerging from across the globe.The quality consciousness is of the prime significance this journal takes supremely cognizance of and works on fully open access philosophy.

Dear Scholar, you have ample time to go through the texts and dimensions of your choice rigorously and bring out the best out of your innovative ideas concerning the theme of the annum “Gospel of Equipoise: Searching Threads of Harmony”.

Take your time and submit your papers for the blind peer review of Ad Litteram Journal’s Board of Reviewers’ and be a part of Ad Litteram Family.

The deadline to submit your papers is 30 April, 2018.

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