About Us

The journal is a platform where the possibility of bringing the intrinsic reverberations extracting its throbs from the milieu all around to the extent of maximum potency is uncompromisingly materialized. The journal gives an open firmament to the ideational maxims feasible to uplift the literary sensibility and anthropological acumen of the world we inhabit and endeavor at cementing the unflinching edifice for it. The journal, thus, publishes critically examined and scholarly wrought out writings, interviews, book reviews on literatures emerged or emerging from across the globe.The quality consciousness is of the prime significance this journal takes supremely cognizance of and works on fully open access philosophy.

The Concept Note

The term ‘resistance’ has existed in different languages since time immemorial. A history of the term is neither consequential nor required. However, in the humanities and social sciences, the term has had a long history of opening various areas and avenues of research. Aimed against different established hegemonic structures, different voices of resistance across time and space have resulted into various movements and revolutions across the globe. When Marx observed history as struggle between the bourgeois and the proletariat, when Foucault proposed the thesis of ‘disciplinary society’ and explained the underlying link(s) between knowledge and power, when Said questioned the cultural representations and conceptual narratives of the West about the East , a series of successive voices
developed special realms through which numerous voices of dissent were articulated.